☀ We source quality gemstones from around the world and use high grade materials to make powerful Tower Busters.

Ideally, I would like to Gift Orgone Tower Busters everywhere on this planet. I have been inspired by others that have tried to do just that. This task cannot be done alone as it is monumental and much too costly to do alone. To do my part I started creating Orgone Pucks and I started gifting Tower Busters in my local area. As I travel, I have been chucking Tower Busters at Cell Towers everywhere I go. Through trial and error I have perfected a strong recipe to cure this planets of its ailments and I want to offer it to the world. There is much work to be done to cover the many towers across the globe. That's why the Orgone Community needs you. We need you to start griding your local area. For this reason, I created OrgoniteAndy, a shop where you can purchase HIGH QUALITY POWERFUL mini Black Sun Tower Busters. These are more than just pretty paper weights, these are small but effective and perfect for gifting them everywhere. I hope you JOIN THE MOVEMENT by protecting our natural environment from the toxins that are constantly being spewed, one neighborhood at a time. I can tell you that I experience a real difference from my work. Thank you and Thanks for shopping by!

☀ Andy

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